Why should I register my horse?

The American Half Quarter Horse Registry provides an opportunity for breeders and owners to register their horses when they otherwise may not have the means to do so. With the huge popularity of the American Quarter Horse, and its tremendous versatility, it has only been natural for breeders to cross their quarter horses with other breeds. The temperament and athleticism of the American Quarter horse, along with its beautiful conformation and gorgeous colors, which can be passed on to these crosses, makes the results both unique and special.

There are tremendous benefits to having your horse registered including:

  • Proof of ownership
  • Provides pedigree which shows how the horse is bred
  • Provides age verification
  • Adds value to your horse
  • Creates a record of past ownership and geological whereabouts
  • The horse becomes eligible for our “Ride” programs and other annual awards
  • Registration certificate is required to show a horse in any futurity, as well as enter him/her in incentive programs, such as Future Fortunes, Mare Power, etc

The qualification for registration is simple: at least one parent must be AQHA or APHA registered, hence the name “Half Quarter Horse Registry”. This one, simple guideline allows us to retain the integrity of the breed while enabling the registration of horses that are possibly turned away from other associations or registries.

While we do have many crosses, we also have numerous full-blooded quarter horses. Because AQHA and APHA have several strict guidelines, we receive countless referrals directly from AQHA because they will deny a horse registration for the following reasons:

  • The horse is a cross between an AQHA or APHA horse and another breed
  • The horse is a cross between an AQHA or APHA horse and an unregistered quarter or paint horse /li>
  • The horse is a cross between an AQHA or APHA horse and a quarter or paint horse with lost papers
  • The horse is a cross between an AQHA or APHA horse and a registered quarter horse with an international association that AQHA or APHA is not affiliated with
  • The horse is a cross between two appendix AQHA horses, resulting in too much thoroughbred blood
  • The horse has too much white. AQHA will not accept a horse with white above the hock or knee.
  • The horse is a color that AQHA or APHA does not acknowledge or accept
  • One or both of the parents is deceased and does not have a DNA verification with AQHA
  • While AQHA and APHA will gladly register any qualifying horse, the cost reaches several hundred dollars if the horse is registered at an older age. Our highest registration fees do NOT exceed $80 (standard registration).

We would love to welcome you and horse horses to the AHQHR and if you have questions or would like to discuss your specific situation, please feel free to call our office at (254) 592-7827 and an AHQHR representative will be happy to assist you.

Does my horse qualify for registration?
  • Simple answer: your horse qualifies if a AT LEAST ONE parent (sire and/ or dam) is AQHA or APHA registered (or registered with one of their international affiliates)
  • Complex answer: your horse MAY qualify if it is verifiably a MINIMUM of half quarter horse according to pedigree and/ or DNA. (Ex.: your horse may be a cross between two Appaloosas (ApHC) that are each half quarter horse. OR your horse may be a cross between an Appaloosa and a half Arabian each having a sufficient amount of quarter horse in their pedigree. OR you’re horse may be the result of an AHQHR x AHQHR)
  • Hardship cases: if your horse does not meet any of the above requirements, you may contact our office to have your horse considered for evaluation. These cases will be presented to our advisory board for approval or disapproval
How much does registration cost?

Prior to registering any horses, you must be a member of the AHQHR. Membership fees are as follows:

  • Individual membership (1 year) ———————————————-$30.00
  • Youth membership (1 year), —————————————————$25 .00
  • Family or ranch membership (1 year) ————————————-$40.00
  • Individual lifetime membership ———————————————$175.00
  • Family or ranch lifetime membership————————————-$250.00
  • Outside USA, add $15 to membership————————————–$15.00

Registration fees are varied depending on the age of the horse and are priced as follows.

  • Colt or filly under 12 months —————————————————$30.00
  • 13 to 24 months old——————————————————————$40.00
  • 25 to 36 months old——————————————————————$50.00
  • 37 to 48 months old——————————————————————$60.00
  •  49 months or older——————————————————————$80.00

Additional and Optional Services


  • Duplicate or replacement certificate——————————————-$25.00
  • Purchase pedigree from AQHA database————————————-$ 5.00
    (you must have an exact registered name or number)
  • Transfer of ownership—————————————————————-$25.00
  • Picture printed on registration certificate————————————$35.00
  • Pedigree research (for the parent w/o papers, email for details & price)
  • DNA verification (per horse)——————————————————$68.00
  • Rush Order—(10 day turnaround)———————————————-$15 .00
What forms will I need to send in to register my horse?

We make the process of registering your horse quick and simple to do through our website. Before you begin, please make sure to have the following accessible on your computer because you will be asked to upload several documents and photographs to complete your registration:


  • Your AHQHR Membership ID (If you are new to AHQHR, this is not necessary)
  • A Copy of the AQHA Registered Parent’s Papers
  • A Copy of the Non-AQHA Parent’s Papers (if applicable)
  • Registration Names and Numbers for your Horse’s Sire and/or Dam
  • 4 Pictures of your Horse (front, back, and both sides)
  • Signed Breeder’s Certificate (if horse is under 12 months of age)

If you would prefer to have a registration packet sent to you directly via USPS or email, please contact our office.

What can I do if I don't have a copy of the sire or dam’s registration certificate?
  • If you’re an AQHA member, you can access their database to get a copy of the AQHA registered sire or dams pedigree.
  • If you’re not an AQHA member or cannot access their database online, AHQHR can do it on your behalf for $5 per pedigree.
  • As a last resort, All-Breed Pedigree can be used in lieu of registration certificates, but is not suggested because registration numbers are not included. It is sufficient, however, for horses that are not registered and do not have registered horses in their lineage.
Should I DNA type my horse?

We always recommend DNA typing, ESPECIALLY if the horse is a futurity or incentive program prospect. OR if you have plans to breed the horse. Parental verification adds credibility and value to your horse, even if for just the sire OR dam.

Can I register my full Quarter Horse? What if AQHA denied my registration?

The AHQHR registers full Quarter Horses almost daily. As a matter of fact, most of them come as a direct referral from AQHA who we work with very closely. The AHQHR offers an alternative when AQHA denies a horse registration or the horse’s owner does not wish to incur the expenses of registering with AQHA.

AQHA may deny your ability to register your horse for numerous reasons including, but not limited to, the following:

  • excessive white on the horse or in areas that AQHA does not approve of
  • too much thoroughbred bred back into appendix lines
  • lack of DNA for either parent
  • horse is older and it is too costly through AQHA
  • dispute with breeder or stallion owner
  • the horse is a clone

If you have questions or would like to discuss your specific situation, please feel free to call our office at (254) 592-7827 and an AHQHR representative will be happy to assist you.

Can I show my AHQHR horse in AQHA shows?

No. AQHA is the most strictly governed purebred association. Only AQHA horses can be shown in AQHA shows.

What performance associations and programs recognize AHQHR Reg. papers?

It is our knowledge that AHQHR certificates are recognized everywhere (with the exception of breed specific shows and programs). However, we suggest that you check with the specific association, directly. BFA, Future Fortunes, and Mare Power DO accept AHQHR certificates

What do I get with a membership?
  • You are able to register horses with AHQHR and purchase certificates of ownership
  • You and your AHQHR horses can participate in our Half to Ride and Half to Perform programs
  • AHQHR Members have access to several benefits and discounts with our affiliates
  • AHQHR “Plus” members have access to even more benefits.
What does my horse’s AHQHR registration number say about him/ her?

Example Registration Number – A006702-QA ¾.

  1. The first letter indicates what classification your horse is. Class A is a horse that has parental verification for both the sire and dam. Class B is a horse that has parental verification for only one parent. Class C is a horse that does not have parental verification.
  2. The numeric digits indicate which horse yours is. In the above example, that horse is the 6702nd horse to be registered with AHQHR.
  3. The letters following the number tell what breed cross your horse is. The first letter will always be Q, for quarter horse, since each horse must descend from at least 50% quarter horse lineage. The second letter will tell what other breed is included in the lineage. Scroll down to view the current breed codes.
  4. The fraction tells how much verifiable quarter horse is in your horse’s blood


Why should I add a photo to my horse's certificate?

This makes your horse more identifiable which is especially important for futurity horses, when selling a horse, and in the unfortunate event of a lost or stolen horse.


What options do I have if I don't know anything about my horse’s sire or dam, or if my horse falls short of the requirements?
  • You may opt to purchase a certificate of ownership. This includes current owner, history, age, color, and markings.
  • You may DNA register your horse. This is similar to a certificate of ownership, but is tied to a DNA case number for reference.


How do I transfer an AHQHR horse into my name?

To transfer ownership of an AHQHR registered horse, fill out a transfer report and mail it to our office with the original registration certificate. You also need to include a membership app or renewal, if your membership is not current.

If I register my horse with AHQHR, can the offspring then be registered with AQHA?

No. AQHA is a purebred registry and the most strictly governed breed association.

Does AHQHR have any international representatives?


  • South America: Marco Palavicini
  • Germany, Austria, & Switzerland: Singrid Kramer
  • If you are or someone you know is interested in becoming rep, please contact us.
Do I need a breeder’s certificate for my horse?

A breeder’s certificate is needed for horses under one year of age. We also prefer to have one on file for any and all horses whenever possible.

What can I do if I cannot obtain the necessary signatures for the breeder’s cert?

Contact our office if you need an exception to this requirement. Sometimes just one signature is sufficient (dam OR sire owner). These requests will be handled on a case to case basis.

Can information be added or changed on a horse’s certificate after he/ she is registered?

Yes. Almost any information or change can be added at a later date. If a horse is spayed or gelded, this change is done at no charge. A name change is $25. Most other changes are considered ‘replacement papers’, at $20. Current membership is required.

Who should I list as the ‘breeder’ for my horse?

The breeder is the owner of the DAM at the time of foaling.

Does my horse still qualify if the sire and/or dam has an appendix certificate?

Yes. Appendix certificates are still viewed by our office as AQHA certificates.

What ‘class’ (classification) will my horse be registered under?
  • If the horse is DNA typed and has parental verification for both parents: class A
  • If the horse is DNA typed and has parental verification for only one parent: class B
  • If the horse is not DNA typed: class C

AHQHR Breed Codes

  • QA       Arabian
  • QAn     Andalusian
  • QAp     Appaloosa
  • QAt      Akhal-Teke
  • QCl      Clydesdale
  • QCm    Camargue
  • Qct      Chincoteague
  • QF       Fresian
  • QFj      Fjord
  • QG      grade cross
  • QH       Full Quarter Horse
  • Qhc      Hackney
  • Qhl       Halflinger
  • Qhn      Hanovarian
  • QHX    Appendix Quarter Horse
  • QI        Icelandic
  • QL       Lusitano
  • QLn     Lanero
  • QLz     Lipizzan
  • QM      Morgan
  • QMft     Missouri Fox Trotter
  • Qms      Mustang
  • QP         Paint
  • QPc       Percheron
  • Qpf       Paso Fino
  • Qpp      Peruvian Paso
  • QSB      Standardbred
  • Qsd      Shetland
  • Qslb     Saddlebred
  • QT        Thoroughbred
  • QTW      Tennessee Walker
  • QRm      Rocky Mountain
  • Qws        Welsh
  • QamW    American warmblood
  • QasW     Austrain warmblood
  • QdW      Danish warmblood
  • QhW      Hungarian warmblood
  • QsdW     Swedish warmblood
  • QssW     Swiss warmblood

Don’t see your horse’s breed code listed? No worries! Upon registration, we will create one for your horse and add it to the registry and our website.