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Welcome to the

 American Half Quarter Horse Registry

We represent members and horses from all over the United States and internationally, including Canada, Belgium, Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Venezuela, and more. We are one of the fastest growing registries in the horse world today, receiving referrals from AQHA almost daily!!

With the huge popularity of the American Quarter Horse, and its tremendous versatility, it has only been natural for breeders to cross their quarter horses with other breeds. The temperament and athleticism of the American Quarter horse, along with its beautiful conformation and gorgeous colors, which can be passed on to these crosses, makes the results both unique and special.

Everyone likes to know as much as possible about a horse they are buying or own, and there is no better way to know the characteristics of a horse, than to know its breeding, which, in a nutshell, tells what to expect of it, both physically and mentally.

While the Quarter-Grade cross is the most common, some of the other most popular are, the Quarter-Arab, the Quarter-Morgan, the Quarter-Saddlebred, the Quarter-Appaloosa and the Quarter-Paint. Still others include the Quarter-Clydesdale, the Quarter-Haflinger, the Quarter-Percheron, the Quarter-Standardbred, and the Quarter-Walking Horse.

Horses that are eligible for registration must have at least one parent registered with the American Quarter Horse Association. If the other parent is of unregistered parentage, this horse will be designated as Quarter/Grade. (QG)

A 3/4 bred Quarter Horse, is a horse with one fully registered Quarter Horse parent, and one registered Half-Quarter Horse parent.

Carrying this logic to the next step, a horse with one full blooded and one 3/4 blooded parent would be eligible to be registered as a 7/8 bred Quarter Horse.

A horse with each of its parents being fully registered, but with different breed registries, is characterized and registered as a distinct cross, such as Quarter/Morgan, (QM) or Quarter/Arab, (QA).

Every horse receives a permanent number, with the relevant breed designation.

If you find a discrepancy, or have a question about the eligibility of your horse please feel free to e-mail your inquiry to the office, at

The AHQHR office


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